Super Cities №190 — Tough Love, Chicago-Style

Brendan Hart

One Big Thing

Tough Love in Chicago

“Three weeks prior, Rahal and his partner Jared Smith sold their company to Kellogg’s for $600 million. No venture capital or outside funding–just $5,000 invested by each founder.”

RXBAR had a mega-exit, but they didn’t rely on any silly startup gimmicks. No “lean” BS and no “hacking.” No artificial intelligence, and no big data.

Instead, the founder’s father told him what everyone needs to hear:

“He told me very directly, ’You need to shut up and sell 1,000 bars.”

So he and his partner did. Many times over.

Peter Rahal now has what we all want: financial freedom.

Forget the productivity gurus and startup sages. Listen to your father!

One More Thing…

On 3/29/82, UNC won the NCAA title (#GoHoos)

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