Super Cities №164 — People Leave, Culture Stays

Brendan Hart

One Big Thing

WATCH: Dabo Swinney’s ESPN post-game interview | TigerNet

“We’re not about any individual here at Clemson. We’re bigger than any coach. We’re bigger than any player. Players come and go. Coaches come and go. Our culture stays the same.”

Merriam Webster defines culture as “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.”

We need a lot more culture in 2019.

Culture requires leadership. Culture demands sacrifice. Culture elevates teamwork and common goals.

The right culture is bulletproof. It gets passed down. It scales from small teams to big armies. It crosses sectors, industries, and types of organizations. It gets stronger over time. It becomes True North.

The absence of culture is selfish chaos. It is small, parochial, and short-sighted. It leads to high stress, bad outcomes, and more selfish chaos.

We need a lot more culture in 2019.

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