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Like you, billions of people everywhere are facing a scary, uncertain future of climate change, always-on technology, and social unrest.

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Reimagining Local

Super Cities mission is to help you and your community thrive.

With 80% of GDP and two-thirds of the global population, cities – your local communities – will be at the center of the largest transformations of our lifetimes.

We want to help you eliminate the noise, reclaim your sanity, and reimagine what your world could look like in the future.

  • We know climate change is real, but how will it impact you?
  • How will always-on surveillance technology change the way you live, work, or invest?
  • How will political dysfunction affect your community?

We explore these issues and many others from the ground up.

Super Cities is your guide to reimagining local.

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The Super Cities podcast is a no-BS, deep dive conversation series with leading entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and policymakers.

Our deep-dives explore hard problems and brilliant solutions.

We go straight to the people moving the world forward.

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Super Cities №232—How PwC Innovates (Podcast)
Did you know that PwC is the fifth-largest privately owned company in the United States?

Smart Insights You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Super Cities provides smart insights that help you decode the most complex and valuable trends in business, technology, and society.

We don't recap the news. We seek explore, understand, and explain the hard topics that you will not find anywhere else.

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Recent essays include:

Super Cities №227—The Language of Climate Change
A recent study defined three core responses to climate change — mitigation, adaptation, and resilience — and explored how city leaders in the UK use them.

Super Cities №161 — To Innovate, Forget Business. Study History.
To understand the ride-sharing market, an entrepreneur should become an expert on the history of city-based transportation, which would provide her with a deep appreciation and respect for the many challenges of moving people around cities.

Super Cities №259—Not Since the 1940s
The world population will continue to grow. Our energy needs will continue to increase. More people will need ever-more energy.