Super Cities №93 - Be Ruthless in One Way

Brendan Hart

One Big Thing

Google is getting into time management

“Users can see how many times they’ve unlocked their phones, how many notifications they get, and how long they’ve spent on apps, for example.”

Most entrepreneurs — and most people generally — are terrible at managing their time. They spend hours doing things that are not important, and minutes doing things that are important.

Here’s why.

Low-value activity is low risk. Getting coffee with acquaintances. Checking Twitter and your email every five minutes. Reading articles that don’t move your company’s needle.

These are easy muscle movements. They don’t require focus, intent, or trade-offs.

But they are low value. You are rarely better off post-activity.

Instead, entrepreneurs should focus on high-value activities — the repeatable behaviors that directly improve your business.

The 80–20 rule is a good place to start.

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