Super Cities №76 — Stoic Sails

Brendan Hart

Remember what the Stoic says

“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.”

Let’s talk about Chris.

Chris is smart. He went to an elite school. He has made some money in finance.

Chris has a vision, and it will change the world. He wants to start a company.

1) Chris should:

– Stay humble

– Focus on a product that 1) solves a real problem and 2) someone will pay for

2) Chris should not:

– Go to meetups or network

– Look for a “coder”

– Keep his idea secret

– Call Uncle Paulie on Wall Street

– Start saying “platform” or “scale” or “machine learning”

If Chris does a lot of (1) and avoids (2), he will be separate himself from the pack.

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