Super Cities №57 — Why Did You Rob The Bank?

Brendan Hart

Because that’s where the money is

The Girl Scout in San Diego, who’s not been identified, parked outside of a legal marijuana shop to sell cookies — and she managed to sell more than 300 boxes in six hours. According to the New York Times, that’s likely more than $1,500 raised.

Don’t believe the headlines: at its core, innovation is not about technology, emerging markets, or applying an academic framework to a theoretical problem.

Instead, innovation is about problem-solving — the harder the problem, the greater opportunity to innovate — the process of digging into a real pain point and solving it in a way that someone will pay for.

Easy to say, hard to do.

This young girl brought delicious cookies to a steady stream of people who may be hungry. That’s pretty good.

Before you build your next application — with MACHINE LEARNING or ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE capabilities — try selling cookies to people who may be hungry. Go from there.

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