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Super Cities №282—An Unfamiliar World

This lockdown will end eventually. What we see when it does will be a graveyard of businesses.
Super Cities №282—An Unfamiliar World

    America is a wealthy country. Our economy is powered by a lot of people spending a lot of money on a lot of things.

    Then COVID came along.

    Think about the immediate ripple effects when spending craters across the entire economy.

    Think about if you are an entertainer and, in a matter of days, you lose 94% of your business.

    Think about if you put your life savings into a mom-and-pop restaurant. Then you lose one out of every two dollars.

    Think about all the loss.

    This lockdown will end eventually, but most people do not appreciate what they will see when it does. Our imagination will not let us.

    We will reach for the familiar – the coffee shop, the gym, the pub – but confront a harsh truth. Our post-COVID world will be very, very different.