Super Cities №257—Margaret Thatcher's Brexit Prediction

Brendan Hart

Wise people study history so they can understand the present.

Before there was a President Trump, there was a Louisiana Kingfish. And, like Trump, Huey Long was impeached for bribery.

On the other side of the Atlantic, British politics is trying to make America look normal. Not-quite-a-tenor Boris Johnson is leading an effort to take the UK out of the EU. It's not working particularly well.

Is Johnson crusade a new one? Apparently not.

Charles Moore, Margaret Thatcher's official biographer, recounts how the Iron Lady was advocating similar positions throughout her decade-plus stint as PM. During the interview, which is worth a listen, Moore makes several notable points – including Thatcher's warnings about the dangers of climate change – but this is my favorite:

She didn't believe in the equality of the sexes. She believed in the superiority of women.


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