Super Cities №232—How PwC Innovates (Podcast)

Brendan Hart

Did you know that PwC is the fifth-largest privately owned company in the United States?

PwC operates in more than 150 countries and, in FY18, its revenues were $43 billion. Four hundred twenty-nine of the Global Fortune 500 are PwC clients. Of its 250,000 employees, roughly a quarter work in Asia, a quarter in North America, and a third in Western Europe.

Innovation at scale is a distinct challenge. In some ways, it is harder than starting from scratch. It requires delicate client management, team-to-team cooperation, and the ability to fuse the new with the old.

Dan Eckert runs PwC's massive emerging technology portfolio. Our conversation covers specific technologies (extended reality / IoT); the real and perceived differences between Chinese and American innovation; and how to create risk tolerance across large enterprises.

I hope you enjoy Super Cities with Dan Eckert.

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