Super Cities №122 - The Giant Ant and Global Markets

Brendan Hart

One Big Thing

Jack Ma’s Ant Financial Services Group is massive

Its online payments platform completed more than $8 trillion of transactions last year — the equivalent of more than twice Germany’s gross domestic product.

Hart’s Comment

Building a giant company in a small market is impossible. The math doesn’t work.

Global markets — like China’s consumer market and the United States’ financial market — have their own logic and gravitational force. These are the big leagues.

Ant’s market — still developing — is massive:

  • Ant has 620 million online payment users; Paypal has 240 million
  • Ant’s yearly transaction volume is $8.8 trillion; Mastercard’s yearly volume is $5.5 trillion
  • Ant’s money market is $219 billion; JP Morgan’s money market is $134 billion
  • Ant produces credits scores for 257 million people; FICO produces credit scores for around 200 million people

What is Capital’s market?



Cities produce 80% of global GDP and, by 2050, will be home to nearly 9 billion people. Most cities, of all sizes, need a tremendous amount of innovation.

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