Super Cities №116 - Do You Want Information, Knowledge, or Wisdom?

Brendan Hart

Wisdom — wis·dom, ˈwiz-dəm

Accumulated philosophical or scientific learning

The internet offers three interconnected, world-changing verticals for learning: information, knowledge, and wisdom.

For those with access, Google has made information universal. If you want information on pretty much anything, type words into a search bar, hit enter, and have at it.

Knowledge is also abundant on the internet. You can find how-to guides on everything from diets to religion. Regardless of the topic, you too can work through the next X for Dummies. This practice is digital rote learning.

The third vertical, wisdom, is much harder to access. The internet’s large distribution platforms — Facebook and Twitter — do not encourage people to share wisdom. By form factor and reward system, these platforms actively discourage shared wisdom.

That’s a shame, but also a tremendous opportunity for those seeking it.

Wisdom is ageless. It cannot be taught; it must be experienced. Wise people navigate the grey of life — where risk meets reward — and bring others along with them.

They work through situations that will not fit neatly into a spreadsheet or be retweeted. Wise people solve human problems.

As you spend time at your desk today, ask yourself if your standard digital diet is information, knowledge, or wisdom.

Then close your computer and, word to the wise, pick up a book.

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